Author: Laura Q Diss

Licensed Real Estate Broker located in Lake Mary, Florida. Selling homes, buildings and businesses.

Match Day Relocation Plan 2018

New Resident MD Home Buying Program, exclusively by Medical City Brokers So you’re moving to Orlando, FL, and have decided that it’s a great time to seize upon one of the best benefits to having a MD, DDS, or DVM… you now qualify for Zero Money Down Doctor Loans. You are competing with everyone else…

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Is it Time to Start Your Own Practice?

Do you dread going into the office (more than usual, anyway)? Is there a conflict of personalities that is making it very uncomfortable to be your best? Are the terms of your contract or renewal total crap and you can make more and have a better quality of life on your own? Are you on fire to be the difference you want to see in healthcare and save people’s lives? If your answer is YES, then I think it is time to really look at the numbers and consider your options.